I made it to Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate!!!

I am happy but more so grateful for the opportunity to attempt this and the good fortune to accomplish it.

Next … well I have to talk it over with Pixie :-)

9 thoughts on “MADE IT!!!

  1. What an achievement – wow! congratulations!!! Sanssouci and Potsdam are absolutely fascinating. And, Berlin even more so. One can walk and walk for kilometers and see incredible sights. Hope you will have that opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    Sie können uns viel erzählen wenn wir Sie wiedersehen.

  2. Congratulations Jim! You sure will have a lot to reflect on once you return home. In the meantime, enjoy the next few days exploring Berlin.
    It has been fantastic to follow the blog and I agree with everyone who said it felt like we were right there with you and Ron, Pam and Pixie! What a great team the four of you made! You are so right when you say how fortunate you are to have had this wonderful opportunity. It is absolutely a dream come true! Safe home…..and as my dad used to say: Schlaf gut!

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