Never grow tired

I never grow tired of these morning rides and the small villages i come upon.

I'm in Potsdam now just a few miles from Berlin and my ride will soon be over.

I will miss seeing the castles, forests, canals and picturesque country sides.
I'll miss the great historic sites like Westminster Abbey, Arnheim, crossing the old East German border and Wittenberg. I'll miss meeting all the friendly people I met along the way.

I won't miss the hills in Wales, the terribleĀ  bike paths in England especially along the canals or endlessly getting off the route.

I've stayed in 34 hotels, so far. I won't miss trying to book all these places NOR WILL PIXIE.

It has been a fantastic trip and I am very greatful to the folks that were there and supported me Ron and Pam, Fred Kathy Niameth and Mary Beth, especially Pixie AND TO ALL OF YOU WHO FOLLOWED OUR BLOG. Your comments and emails always put a smile on my face!

4 thoughts on “Never grow tired

  1. You certainly made excellent memories. You will never forget! All your hard work has paid off and “we were there with you” (just not doing all the hard work.). Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment.

  2. We’ve looked forward to reading your posts each day and wish you safe travels the rest of the way. Enjoy Berlin! See you soon.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your daily posts. I felt like I was there. Looking forward to talking to you about your trip.

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